It was hotter’n Hell yesterday and I shaved late in the day. I figured that with the heat and perspiration my beard would be pretty soft, so decided to monoshave with one of my favorite soaps – the Valobra almond soft soap teamed up with the guillotine blade of the Slant-bar and the Treet Blue Special carbon-steel “Batman” blade (thanks to Leisureguy for that imagery). Big mistake! One of the disadvantages of using something as sharp as the Treet (it makes the fearsome Feather platinum look like something you’d let kids play with) is that you need lots of protection from the blade. So far I have always used the Treet with a superlather (made from a combination of soap and cream) with astonishingly pleasant results. But with a soap only (and the Valobra is really one of the best) I could feel the Treet shaving off a layer of skin thinner than the ham in an Air Canada sandwich! I even gave myself a tiny nick on the chin which I haven’t done in ages. Lesson learned: when you push the envelope make sure you get properly prepared in case it bursts.

Later today: Finding the right superlather combo.