During the course of my 54 years years on this planet I have observed certain things on such a frequent basis that they have led me to some “truths” which I call Steve’s Axioms:

Axiom #1: If people are willing to pay you more than you know you are worth to do a certain job….there’s always a catch (usually its a dirty job, or one at which you won’t last very long). And this one has a corollary: “Its not how much you get paid that counts….its how long you’re around to collect it that matters”.

Axiom #2: You will always get the jobs you don’t want (not wanting a job is often your most powerful tool for guaranteeing that you will get an offer).

And today, we have Axiom #3, the result of getting screwed once again by a crooked wheeler-dealer in a business deal.

Axiom #3: You can’t defend yourself part-time against people who are committed to taking advantage of you full time (it is very difficult to defend against getting screwed financially when you work, take care of family, and have other interests. People out to pick your pockets devote all their energies to doing so. The best defense is to Want Less).