I’ve read that some blades actually get better after a few shaves, and this was repeated to me by readers of this blog a couple of days ago…specifically with respect to the Sputnik blade. I had mentioned that the blade was a little “twitchy”, i.e. very aggressive and not as smooth as my benchmark Treet Blue Special. Taking my readers’ advice I used the Sputnik again today, making it three shaves on the same blade. Excellent! It definitely smoothed up quite a bit, but still retained an excellent sharpness that produced a EHM shave with only three passes. Prep was as before, although since the warm weather is back again (man, this global warming is really weird), I used the Trumper’s Coral Skin Food and a splash of Aqua Velva for the finish. An exceptional shave! Hey, since my friend Leisureguy isn’t using that term anymore, maybe I can get some mileage out of it! 🙂

A solid 9.5 overall shave…I am amazed that a three-use blade can produce such a result! Thanks to Giovanni and Josh for the advice. Tomorrow, a fourth try with the same blade!