Yesterday I decided it was time to try something I’d long read about but had been hesitant to actually do…a shave with nothing but the Fusion and a few drops of shaving oil. The oil was the Cromwell & Cruthers – their web site explicitly recommends the product as the sole shaving “substrate”…no need for soap, cream, brush, etc. The result….an excellent 9.5 shave…didn’t feel a thing….the Fusion just flew across my face in three easy passes and the oil left its usual fine residue…a perfect moisturizer. Was it pleasurable? No….but it was efficient….out of the shower in ten minutes, shave and all…the perfect travel setup. Of course, the only way to really gauge the quality of the shave is to use the products for at least a week consecutively and see what your face looks and feels like. In the past, I’ve used products that felt great the first few times, but over the course of a week my face started to dry out and feel awful.

Finish was with the Cliniderm lotion (outstanding product, totally unscented and irritant free), plus a splash of British Sterling.