Apparently, Italians would rather be tied to the front grill of an old FIAT and be driven through Rome traffic than eat leftover risotto. I must say I sympathize. I made Friday night’s risotto about an hour before serving so I would be able to join our guests in drinks and appetizers. But in that one hour the risotto had already thickened and softened substantially as it absorbed its remaining moisture. It was still good, but lacking the creamy texture for which it is famous. Moral of the story: Most things can be prepared ahead of time, but risotto must be served immediately.

Now, what to do with the leftover? Apparently, Italians use leftover risotto to make risotto pancakes (risotto al salto) or deep fried rice balls (suppli or arancini). I made the pancakes, which involved nothing more that mixing in a few well-beaten eggs to the cold risotto (about one egg per cup of risotto), and putting it into my handy Patti-Stacker to create a number of 1/4 inch-thick “rice burgers” which I then pan fried in a little olive oil until they were brown and crusty on both sides. I served sauteed three-pepper shrimp on top of the risotto pancakes accompanied by half-split radiccio that had been drizzled with olive oil and BBQ’d until wilty and charred. Absolutely out of this world and the whole meal for five people in 30 minutes! Good enough to make the risotto just for the purpose of making the pancakes.