I finally scored an Omega Pro 48, and from a local retailer to boot. Vasco’s in Montreal is probably the country’s biggest gourmet shaving store. And speaking of big…..this brush is a monster! I’ve never seen it in a comparative photo, so assumed it would be about the same size as my Semogue and Vulfix boar brushes. When the clerk at Vasco’s took it out of the box, I thought she must have made a mistake and was showing me the brush barbers use for brushing hair clippings off clothing!  But, like my other two boar brushes, the Pro 48 was wonderful at pulling shave soap off a puck of Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap, producing a much better lather than I’ve ever been able to get with a badger and this particular brand of soap. And this with the brush not even broken in. Thanks to Leisureguy for showing me the way on boar brushes.