I’ve been working to make my travel shave kit TSA and airline proof. I hate those 1 liter plastic bags in which you have to shove your liquids and creams and keep them separate from the rest of your gear. One of the genuinely stupidest pseduo-security measures that I have ever witnessed (and there are many…like making the poor 80-year old grandpa who can barely bend down, take off his shoes and belt).

In response I have moved to solids, wherever possible. MR GLO soap for the face, a shave stick instead of cream, solid deodorant, etc. Now if they could just come up with a solid toothpaste, face moisturizer, and cologne….I’d be bulletproof!

The shave stick (D.R. Harris) and the Simpson Wee Scot are great offsets to the Fusion…they give you the illusion that you really are getting a gourmet shave. And the Fusion, in its defense is pretty appropriate to shaving in those hotel showers without a mirror and nowhere to lay your stuff. A lot safer, faster, and fool-proof in unpredictable settings.