The Rorschach Test is a series of ink blots that psychologists use to draw out clients and enable them to bring up issues of relevance to their particular problem or situation. The ink blots themselves are meaningless. One “projects” oneself into the ink blots and will “see” things that are relevant to oneself.

The Tiger Woods fiasco is just one in a long series of events that seem to capture the public fascination. For example, when Lady Di perished in a car accident a decade ago, I was fascinated not so much by her tragic end, as I was by the sheer outpouring of emotion on a global scale. People traveled from all over the world to lay a wreathe. They cried, they swooned, they were inconsolable…..all for a person they had never met and only knew through the media!

My wife and I were listening to the morning news over breakfast today and once again a majority of the news time was centered on Tiger Woods and his rapid fall from Grace.  At one point, The Kommandant, a simple and annoyingly grounded person, slowly raised her eyes from sipping her Greek coffee, looked and me and said: “Who cares!”. And in those two words my Sage of Sanguinity managed to capture the essence of the whole issue, which is not only who cares, but who cares and why?

Here’s a 33-year old golfer. A golfer! Not a Nobel Prize winning scholar of human ethics. A fu^#ing golfer for chrisakes! So he’s getting some on the side and got caught. Like thousands of other men (and women). Why does anyone care? Does this make him a worse golfer? And if we expected him to be anything other than a human being with exceptional golf skills, then whose fault is that? And what does stupidity and lack of ethics on the home front have to do with golfing ability and success?

The truth is, Tiger Woods’ demise has nothing to do with him, and everything to do with why anyone would care. If you do care or find the whole thing “riveting” ask yourself what this says about YOU. Then go and get a life and be your own hero.