I haven’t worn my Mephisto Sano shoes for about two months, having switched to the MBT’s and their more aggressive curvature. The MBT’s and the Sanos are part of a new generation (some say fad) of shoes that change the dynamics of walking by increasing the curve of the sole so that you are forced to work harder on the heel-to-toe movement, thereby engaging more muscles and increasing leg strength, endurance, etc. And as far a s I can tell, they work. With my three ruptured disks and damaged sciatic nerve, they make it possible for me to walk much farther and at a faster pace.

Today I decided to wear the Sanos, mostly because they were close to hand and I was in a hurry to get dressed and take my “kids” shopping at Jean-Talon Market. To my surprise, after two months on the MBT’s, the Sanos felt great, the same feeling but much more gentle…they felt far more “normal” than the MBT’s and it was a welcome feeling. The MBT’s still leave me with a variety of aches and pains as my body tries to reluctantly adapt to their demanding design. Yin and Yang, I guess. But I will continue to wear the Sanos and may even get a dressier pair.