I realize that it’s been quite some time since the last shave post (Thank God, some of you may mutter!). I’ve gone back to the badger, the boar having run its course for now. The contrast between the two types of brushes was quite pleasant though, in a Yin Yang sort of way. I have, in the past, been accused of elitist sentiments; a contention that I strongly disagree with. Elitists tend to cut a broad swath through all their interests, accoutrement, and lifestyle in general. I do not. My elitism, such as it is, is limited to a few interests, where I prefer the label “gourmet” ; I appreciate quality because in the long run it pays, and craftsmanship because it’s a link to people and traditions rather than just machines and convenience. The boar brush explorations are a perfect example. I have no difficulty in using and appreciating low-priced items, and even comparing them favorably to high-end versions. My favorite after-shaves are from the Booster line at $10 for half a liter! My all-time favorite shave cream: The J.M. Fraser at $12 for a pound jar. And the best blade: The Treet Blue Special at about a dime. Elitist? Who, me? Puh!

Now excuse me, my Rolex says its time to ride my hand-made road bike on the Tacx trainer.