I first read about this on Leisureguy’s blog a few days ago and it has really captured my imagination. This would make a great parent-child project/event if you’re a bike nut like me. Or perhaps I should say “bike-ownership nut” since, according to the Kommandant and my kids, I prefer to own them rather than actually ride them (so much for preemptive strikes). Fortunately my adult kids (it really feels good to say that, BTW – so much for empty-nest syndrome) are both bike nuts too, so I suspect it could really work as a family project.

Anyway, it turns out that it is possible to build a high-quality, long-lasting, and renewable bike from bamboo!!! No shit! And it won’t rust, to boot! You’ve really got to see this, here. I am seriously thinking of signing up for the workshop in the Spring. And I love the company’s Mission to bring bamboo-bike technology to developing nations so that everyone has access to this amazing form of transportation.

P.S. My only concern is the weight-limit of the frame. Do they grow elephant-bamboo for special applications? I can just see my bike frame with its 6 inch diameter bamboo!