“”You can tell the day from the sunrise” is an old Greek adage. 2010 got off to a rocky start….first, my cousin’s husband died last week at age 43 of a massive heart-attack. No sooner were we home from the funeral on Friday night, I received an email that one of my oldest friends had died at age 58 on Wednesday. I had had diner with him just the previous week. I couldn’t even make it to the funeral, as we were leaving for Florida the next morning.

Arriving in Fort Lauderdale we discovered that we had made it just in time for the coldest January on record, with evening temperatures around the freezing mark, and daytime highs around +10. And yesterday afternoon I started to run a fever and shakes, landing me in bed for likely the rest of the week. I may not even be able to fly home on Saturday if this turns out to be seasonal flu (I’ve been vaccinated for H1N1).