The volume of junk email that I receive has increased exponentially in the last six months. Whereas I used to find 5-6 in my junk-mail folder every week, I now find 20-30 per day! And as the filters provided by the ISP’s try to catch these, inevitably some legitimate emails get caught up in the junk-mail folder, forcing me to have to look at each one in order to make sure I haven’t deleted anything important.

What is both galling and awe-inspiring though is the on-going effort of spammers and scammers to disguise their emails under normal sounding titles that will get through the filters. “Your account has been updated”, “Courier unable to deliver your order”, and “Order confirmed” are just a few of the benign sounding subject lines that disguise VIAGRA, prescription drug, and electronic equipment sites in China.

But today these pricks have finally plumbed the depths of human depravity. Recognizing that people around the world are rushing to the aid of the disaster victims in Haiti, I just received my first junk-email with the subject-line: “Thank you for your help gift” from one Oscar Martin Esteban. It disguises a web site that is a clearing house for all kinds of crap merchandise. I’m sure that this is the first in an oncoming tsunami of such messages, and I’m going to have to open all of them looking for my authentic receipts!!! Piss me off!

What makes these Bozos believe that anyone would actually buy anything from someone using such tactics is an enigma that I frankly can’t fathom. Surely, they wouldn’t be doing it unless it worked with some people. Is anyone that stupid? Never mind….it was a rhetorical question.