There’s an old joke about how Jane sends Tarzan out hunting for dinner. First he manages to bag a couple of monkeys with his bow and arrow. Then he shoots a few birds. He brings the bag home…..Jane takes a look inside and exclaims: “Oh no, not finch and chimps again!”

Yesterday’s card night revolved around a discussion of where to get good fish & chips in Montreal. Mr. and Mrs. Italo regaled us with stories of their visits to their daughter in Ireland, and their tasting of remarkable fish & chips served the traditional way wrapped up in newspaper. Despite a rather satisfying dinner of home-made Lac St-Jean Tourtiere (a meat pie made with wild game), my mouth was watering at the thought of good fish & chips. I’ve never had really good ones in Montreal, not that I’ve made a Herculean effort since I almost never eat fried food.

Highly suggestible creature that I am, I feel the next food crusade coming on: To find the best fish & chips in Montreal, whether home-made or restaurant purveyed. I’m off to the Jean-Talon farmer’s market today with archaeologist daughter for our regular Sunday comestible shopping, i.e. stock up her larder with the finer things in life to which she has become accustomed. Perhaps a couple of pieces of cod or haddock from the fish monger might be a good start to the venture; a crusade launch dinner as it were.

Kalofagas has what looks like a wonderful recipe for batter-fried cod, which I think will be a great starting point for tonight’s dinner. Peter has a knack for taking already good recipes and making them much better. His recipe includes the traditional Greek accompaniment of skordalia, a potent garlic-infested mashed potato side dish that will cure almost any ailment. It ranks as one of my all-time favorite things although it absorbs vasts amount of olive oil and must be consumed in small quantities – something I’ve never been accused of being able to do – so I tend to avoid it.