A few months ago I wrote a post about my “Elements of Style”. It was a bit of a spoof of all the men’s magazine articles (PR driven for sure) about things every man should posses in his armamentarium. I’d like to add something to my list.

11. A great pair of beach sandals

Two years ago, while in Bethany Beach, I bought a pair of Reef Mick Fanning Signature sandals. They were pretty steep in price (for sandals), but I found myself wearing them every opportunity I could get away with. They even became my daily house “slipper”. The key advantage for me is that they offer exceptional cushioning for my 250+ lb., back-surgeried carcass; something I’ve never found in sandals, and even struggle with in good shoes.

I noticed a strange metal clip recessed into the Reef sole. I thought it was some safety hook for surfboards since the Reefs are apparently very popular with surfers (what do I know about surfing?!). Last October while in Naples, Florida, I found a huge Reef display at one of the department stores. I picked up a replacement pair for my now nearly destroyed originals. I handed them to the cashier, who looked at them and exclaimed, “Oh, Reefs….the sandals with the bottle opener!”. Huh? Bottle opener? Yup. Turns out that metal clip is a beer-bottle opener for those beach emergencies where you come across a bottle of brew in need of rescue.

Now this. Reef has come up with the Dram. The sandal has a flask built into its sole for emergencies when a beer is nowhere to be found. Perfect for my next bottle of Paddy’s Old Irish Whiskey (the best whiskey in the world in my humble opinion – thanks to Mr. Italo for introducing me to it). I found the Dram available on Amazon.com, but the Reef official website doesn’t seem to list it. This tells me that the forces of political correctness in America may already have forced the company to discontinue it in order to discourage drinking among the young. You may need to hurry up and get a pair if this model appeals to you.