On special occasions, where I want just that extra smoothness to the visage, I call upon the final oil-pass as the coup-de-grace to my shave. It has been some time since I did this, mainly because of laziness and the fact that my “regular” shaves have become so damn good and easy that I felt going the extra distance was hardly worth it. I was wrong. One forgets.

I had a craving for my old stub of Palmolive shave soap (in a stick – from Belgium). Nothing smells like Palmolive. It’s as close to Heaven as you’ll get in a shave product (others in that category include T&H 1805 shave cream, and Gold-Dachs shave soap). The Palmolive stick makes a wickedly thick lather that combined with a fresh Sputnik (Russia) blade in the E.J. Chatsworth produced a phenomenally smooth face. Until I bothered to make a 4th pass, this time with the trusty Jojoba oil that is. Wow! I’m stretching the skin on my face as I write and can’t even find a hint of stubble. The “polishing” pass is well worth the extra couple of minutes, and as a bonus, if you don’t soap off the oil but just dry off with your towel, it leaves a great moisturizer on your skin to fight the Winter dryness.

Now I’m off to see Mr. Daswani at Ruby Foo’s Hotel. He’s the globe-trotting tailor from Hong Kong who promises to make me a bespoke suit with my choice of fabric for $400 (and he’ll throw in a custom-made shirt). Hey, it’s a gift, why shouldn’t I give it a try? If you see me walking down the street looking like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, you’ll know why!