This is hardly scientific with an n=3, but it’s meaningful to me and I plan to build on the upcoming experiences. I’ve walked the same route at the Morgan Arboretum three days in a row. Exactly the same trail, same weather conditions, same hard snow-packed trail. Only difference? On Day One I wore the MBT shoes, on Day Two the Sanos, and on Day Three my Ecco hikers. I tracked the time precisely using my iPhone and Runkeeper, a very accurate GPS-based exercise tracker. Interesting results:

Day One (MBT): 41:08 minutes

Day Two (Sano): 42:28

Day Three (Ecco): 44:40

The MBT’s left me quite sore with their very aggressive sole curvature. It was hard work, but the shoes really do propel you forward. The Sanos with their lower profile curvature were more comfortable but somewhat slower. The Eccos with their traditional flat sole left me exhausted and sore in the hip. Compounding the issue is that with the training-effect each day should have naturally gotten easier rather than harder/slower. Anyway, I’ll keep tracking the results to get a better sense of what these different shoes can do.