Whenever I want to lose some weight quickly, I usually cut out all refined and high-glycemic carbs, and the weight tends to slough right off. There’s a lot of scientific evidence for the efficacy of this approach, especially if you have a tendency to Metabolic Syndrome (the pancreas over-reacts to rapid rises in blood sugar by overcompensating with a bolus of insulin, causing hypoglycemia and hunger – very typical in prediabetic and heart disease patients, as well as the majority of the overweight).

But there’s one small problem with doing this. I’m usually absolutely miserable, don’t feel right, and generally give up after a couple of days. The first bite of some carb is like an injection of morphine…a soothing calm descends upon the body and, dare I say it, the soul. This is especially true when the carb in question is some really, really, good bread. I’m not talking grocery store Frankenloaves loaded with sugar, emollients, and wood fibers that have nothing to do with the grain itself. I’m talking French bread…or Italian, Greek, Ethiopian…it doesn’t really matter, other than the fact that it is hand-made using nothing more than great flour, water, and a little salt, plus the artisan’s masterful skill.

I no longer embark on weight loss diets (I know… it shows). First, I can’t…no, I really can’t…do without bread! Secondly, diets simply don’t work; a fact now thoroughly proven in hundreds of well-controlled, peer-reviewed, studies. So what’s left? Learn to eat and live “naturally”, i.e. listen to your hunger and eat just enough to satisfy it….and move…not at some gym on crazy equipment…but in real-life, walking, biking, skiing, shtupping!