I first heard of Blue Zones a couple of years ago; the consolidation of research involving the longest-lived populations in the world and what they have in common. I was fascinated today (thanks to Mr. Dario for the heads-up) to note how this concept has evolved and how well it has been “translated” into well-grounded information and recommendations for the rest of us. An absolutely great place to cut through all the nutritional and exercise bullshit out there and learn about what really works in real life. Hint: it isn’t dieting, supplements, or crazy exercise. Very worth a visit, here.

If you have 5 minutes, sign up and take the Vitality Compass test. It will calculate your biological age vs. your chronological age. Mine was 44.8 (vs. 56) with a life expectancy of 93.2. Catastrophic news for my kids…there goes the inheritance! Geez…I better put more money in my Registered Retirement Savings Plan….I may need it!

At the top of the web site, on the right hand side, there’s a tab for IKARIA. This is an island in Greece, close to the Turkish coast, where people live astonishingly long and healthy lives. It’s also one of archaeologist daughter’s favorite places, as she spent a couple of weeks there a few years ago.