I went all out on today’s shave. A fresh Wilkinson Sword blade in the E.J. Chatsworth razor, the Plisson European White badger brush with the antique brass handle (an awesome brush), with a generous portion of Cyril R. Salter’s French Vetiver shave cream worked into it. This is a terrific cream, one of my earliest acquisitions, and remains a favorite to this day. The scent isn’t to everyone’s taste however; one that I’ve previous described as a cross between dry Summer grass and stale cigarettes! It is possibly, the earthiest smell on the market, and I love it.

The “kit” did a superb job, the blade whisking two days of growth effortlessly. I even did a fourth pass with jojoba oil for an extra measure of smoothness. Then off to the Forest & Stream Club for a couple of Psychmentation™ interviews, and a wonderful lunch of a dozen large freshly shucked raw oysters and a cold half lobster on salad. Clean food!