The weatherperson had promised a balmy 9°C today, but by 3:30 PM it was still only 7°C (40°F) with a nasty headwind that made it feel closer to zero. But it was sunny, and I had promised myself the first outdoor bike ride of 2010, so I did it. Lasted all of 7 minutes, but this is the earliest Spring ride I can remember. Thanks to El Nino for a very easy Winter and early Spring. Our friends who own the organic beef farm also have a maple stand from which they produce lots of syrup to sell commercially. Yesterday they were scrambling to get out to the family farm because the sap was running like crazy.

Anyway, great to get an early start to the bike season, especially since cross-country skiing went down the toilet within a week of my buying my new gear (I planned it that way, just like I control the stock market – every time I buy a stock it crashes).