There aren’t too many web sites one can call “mouth-watering”, but the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has certainly created one that’s tough to beat. If you love home-made burgers, this web site and its absolutely fabulous GUI (Graphic User Interface) sets a new benchmark for yumminess. I’m going to set myself the objective of making every one of these babies over the Summer grilling season. Thanks to Mr. Italo for a great find.

Last night during cards I used the term GUI to the blank-eyed stare of my compatriots. I explained that the term refers not only to the “look” of a web site, but to the way it interacts with the viewer, i.e. the placement of “buttons”, the arrangement of text, the links, etc. It’s a widely used term in the computer world (not that I’m a chochem – smarty pants –  or anything like that), but obviously not as well-known as I had assumed.

Anyway, back to the burgers, here’s a screen shot of one of the pages: