Tomorrow is the annual Polar Bear Swim, a Springtime rite in Northern countries, where dozens (if not hundreds) of people jump into their local frigid waterway in a bathing suit (or not). It costs $50 and the proceeds all go to charity. I suggested to my wife that I might go for it…to which she replied, “Great, just leave the life-insurance policy on your desk before you go”.

Since photographers are welcome, Mr. Italo and I plan to cover the event…at least photographically….perhaps we should bring a couple of blankets just in case. I just hope it’s a little more attractively populated than the naked bike rally we went to a couple of years ago, held in protest of the lack of bike paths in the city. I never realized that most hard-core environmentalists are skinny old Hippies…not a cute girl in sight…just lots of saggy, wrinkly old skin and beards.