What is meatloaf if not a giant burger, baked in a form and then sliced? Going with that premise, I have tonight’s creation, The Working Stiff, in honor of all those people for whom meatloaf is the quintessential working-man’s food.

I started with a fresh Arhoma French-style, white seed-roll. On the bottom: Vidalia onions caramelized in olive oil and a spritz of Mesquite natural liquid smoke. Then the meat loaf: A thick slice of my wife’s famous recipe, made with organic free-range, grass-fed beef. On top of the meat loaf : A few thick slabs of Balderson naturally double-smoked Canadian cheddar melted at the same time as the meat-loaf slice is heated up in the microwave. And finally, a few thin slices of Kosher dill pickle.

I’m not sure who said “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”, but he/she never had a good Working Stiff. Or as the bodybuilding gym commercial says, “A hard man is good to find”.