I’ve been on a shaving purchase moratorium for a few months, committed to getting the current inventory down to a more manageable level (my new shaving cabinets are all full and one drawer of the guest-room dresser is full of the overflow). I am still occasionally tempted however, especially when I read about the new PILS razor from Germany. At a whopping $254 it exceeds by almost double, the most expensive DE razors on the planet. Nevertheless, the reviews that are surfacing tout it as near to perfection in craftsmanship as one can get, even throwing in The Law of Diminishing Returns.

But it is not to be (yes, this is directed to you, Dear). I’m getting a sense of accomplishment seeing empty tubs and tubes finally being thrown into the recycling bin. And frankly, my shaving has reached an almost Zen-like ease and naturalness that it doesn’t seem to matter much what DE shave kit I use (using a Fusion or other cartridge razor is another matter however).