A few months ago I was impressed to see edgy new Domino’s Pizza ads showing their President doing a Mea Culpa for having such a crappy crust and pizza. I’m sure Domino’s has been taking a shit-kicking given the public’s emerging taste for “gourmet” pizzas, not to mention the general improvement in the quality of frozen pizzas competing for the mainstream consumer’s dollar. The ads promised a complete remake of Domino’s Pizza from the crust up. Here’s a funny review of Domino’s Pizza from a pizza master. Oh, and BTW, for the sake of full disclosure, his comments do not reflect my own opinion, as I haven’t had a Domino’s Pizza in more than 20 years. But his comments are pretty funny nonetheless, regardless of their subjectivity.

Jim Lahey Reviews The New Domino’s Pizza from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.