A couple days ago I posted a video of a pizza master critiquing Domino’s Pizza “new” pizza. It wasn’t very flattering. At the time I stated that I hadn’t had a Domino’s Pizza for some 20 years and couldn’t comment on the accuracy of that video review. So this evening, tired from a long day of yardwork, I felt the time opportune to show some journalistic integrity and actually order a couple of Domino’s pizza’s for a more hands-on evaluation.

The good news:

1.The pizza arrived in under 30 minutes

2. It was warm

3. The crust was nice and thin and the toppings neither too thick, nor too skimpy

4. The price was fair; $28 for a medium and a large pie

The not so good news:

1. The crust was gummy and lacked a nice bready texture

2. The cheeses tasted cheap and synthetic

3. I could not locate any “steak” on my Philly Cheesesteak pizza

4. Both pizzas were quite greasy

In summary then I would say that Domino’s ranks pretty low on the commercial “fresh” pizza rankings for my neighborhood. It probably competes quite well with frozen pizzas, but is of course, much more expensive by such comparison. As my wife said: “Definitely not a re-do”.