Environmental consciousness, feminism, and downtown living have proliferated a new type of human…..Homo Urbanus…also known to the cognoscenti as the “urban hipster”.

The urban hipster uses public transportation and/or a Bixi (pay-as-you-play urban bike rental), composts in the heart of the city, is often vegetarian,  and owns a bike which is usually a single-speed converted racer – often high-end – but made to look like crap in order to show a certain disdain for money. The urban hipster has moved beyond Starbucks and Second Cup, which are so commercial and American, frequenting instead authentic Italian espresso bars, where he or she is on a first-name basis with the barrista – now a part of his/her extended family. S(he) frequents the public markets, usually baby stroller in tow, oblivious to the crowds and the fact that people are tripping over the damned thing (the stroller not the baby). Some less narcissistic versions of the urban hipster will carry the child in a chest-sling, although it’s almost always the Dad doing this as it would be politically incorrect for the woman to be saddled with such a job in the egalitarian urban-hipster family. It is of course essential for the infant to go everywhere, and experience everything, for fear that like a badly socialized dog, the poor thing might eventually bite someone.

Today’s outing to the Jean-Talon market brought me great laughter, as archaeologist daughter commented: “The baby….the new urban hipster scarf”.