One of the strangest razors I’ve ever shaved with is the GEM G-Bar. This razor has a peculiar shape that doesn’t look like it should work, but work it does…and rather beautifully, I might add. It’s a small razor with a large head, and works with those single edged blades we used to use in Arts & Crafts….you know the kind, with one sharp edge and one thick side to hold on to.

The short, thin handle looks like it might be difficult to hold, but it is in fact an ingenious ergonomic design that prevents the razor from twisting in soapy hands, and the boot-shaped end makes maneuvering it a breeze.

The head flips open to allow for very easy placement of a new blade and flicking it closed automatically positions the blade in the perfect position.

The G-Bar is held with the head almost flat against the face. The resulting shave is extremely close…this is one pretty aggressive razor and requires slow going and care to avoid slicing and dicing the first few times out. After a while it gets easier to shave more quickly, but never with the abandon one can come to expect from a Schick injector or modern cartridge razor.

GEM G-Bar’s used to be readily and cheaply available on eBay. I was dismayed to not find any for sale at the present time. It looks like the press we gave it a couple of years ago has cleaned out the market. Men must be enjoying the shave they get because they’re not resurfacing on eBay. If you can find one in great shape jump for it. The shave is an experience.