I stayed a couple of nights at the Sheraton Ottawa this week, and had a Club Floor room. One of the amenities in the bathroom basket was a tiny sample tube of Bliss Thermal Shaving Cream. Supposedly, it goes on with an exothermic reaction on contact with air, making it like applying hot barbershop lather.

I was skeptical, but since I’m forced to use a despicable Fusion razor when I travel, I figured it might make a fitting companion. It was AWESOME!!!! I love this stuff. Man, it really goes on hot! And it lubricates like the hot little demon it is. The Fusion flew over my skin, removing every little trace of stubble and without rinsing the face in-between passes. Ultra-fast, ultra-smooth, ultra-comfortable.

So I immediately went to the web looking to stock up. Get this….f’ing discontinued by the company! The check-out clerk was really nice and she gave me a couple to take home. I will cherish them and use them sparingly on my next travels. But in the meantime, the question remains…why discontinue such a great product?

My main guess is that it probably turns out that the exothermic “stuff” makes you grow horns and a second pecker.