There is a concerted global campaign underway to force us to watch advertising in order to get a service which we have actually paid for. Flown lately? Try watching a film on any Air Canada flight and you’re forced to watch five minutes of ads before you can watch the movie…and you can’t fast-forward during the ads! And each time you switch to another program, you have to watch the same ads all over again.

Websites?  Holy cow, you need $200 a year of on-line security programs to detect and prevent the pop-ups and other forms of forced advertising. This is god-damned extortion. Now, I have nothing against ads; I get it that ads pay for content development. And I don’t mind passive ads where I have the choice to look at them or not. I don’t even mind the ads staring at me at public urinals, or on the floor of my grocery store for that matter. But it’s this aggressive form of active, in-your-face, captive advertising that I resent. But what to do about it? I think most of us just accept it as the price of living on the information highway. As one reader commented: “I just use the forced ads as time to visit the bathroom”.

Frankly though, I’m not that kind spirited or forgiving…I have a vengeful nature. So here’s what I’m going to do. Every time I see one of these ads I’m going to write an email to the site manager, airline, etc., but more importantly, I’m going to actively boycott any product or service advertised this way.  It sure won’t change the practice or the world…but it will make me feel better.

P.S. Hahahahahaha. Just as I finished writing this, “ping” goes the iPhone with a text message from Rogers (my cell provider) inviting me to participate in a contest to attend a private VIP show of Cirque du Soleil.