Mr. Dario is staying with us for a couple of days, his annual trip to the boonies, up from the Big Apple. He brought his road-ready mountain bike (with slick as opposed to knobby tires) with him and we managed to convince my business partner, Mr. Angelo, to join us for a “leisurely” ride. I really didn’t feel like it and was looking for ways to get out of it because I knew these guys are pretty fit and hard-core….like I once was many, many years and pounds ago. Finally, I decided to just go for my usual 30 minute route at may own pace and let them charge ahead.

There’s a strange thing about having company for exercise: It really energizes you. Before I knew it, we were well past the point at which I normally turn back, and were doing a very respectable pace of nearly 20 kph (about 13 mph).  And I was feeling really good too. The camaraderie, the encouragement, and the pacing, all helped to make the ride fun rather than “exercise”. Before I knew it, we were back – a 55 minute ride at a very decent pace and 786 calories burned (according to RunKeeper, my iPhone exercise tracking app).