My post a couple of days ago on Serialized Television got me thinking about how much I loved science fiction movies and comic books in those childhood days. The beauty of the internet is that you can relive almost any experience, because someone, somewhere, is crazier than you and has actually put this stuff out on the web.

I was amazed to find a slew of YouTube postings of “Rocket Man” clips. This was a serialized movie, i.e. it was designed to end in 10 minute cliffhanger scenes that could be continued from one day to the next. At 8 or 9 years old in the early ’60’s I was obsessed with this show. Remember it predates Star Trek with its breakthrough visuals (which today seem so absolutely cheesy). If you think Star Trek was cheesy, have a look at this Rocket Man clip from the 1949 movie, King of the Rocket Men.

And speaking of Star Trek, keep your eyes open for a brief cameo (and I mean brief) by veteran Trekker Leonard Nimoy as a starving young actor (remember, this is 1949) playing an alien.