It’s dairy and wine country just an hour Southwest of Montreal. The Quebec government has published a rather extensive and thorough map of the region to encourage tourism. Quebec produces some of the world’s greatest cheeses (a big statement, I know, but a Quebec cheese won last year’s top honors at the International Cheese Competition – a wonderful “cindered” goat cheese called Le Cendrillon).

My Father’s Day treat is that I get to go on a two-day tour of the area with my wife, daughter, and Mother-in-Law (no, I’m not being facetious, my MIL is the best and I enjoy her company). We’ll be staying in a B&B on a trout stream and I may even get in a couple of hours of fly-fishing. I’m also looking forward to a couple of steamies (steamed hot-dogs Quebec style) and some greasy “frites” (French fries). My wife has also planned dinner or lunch at an English pub where I’m told an excellent Steak and Kidney Pie is served. I may well fall into a Rumpolesque gruff accent and order the “Steak and Kidney Pud with a glass of Chateau Ordinaire house plonk”.