Today was the 10th continuous shave with a cartridge razor, split evenly between the Schick Hydro 5 and the Gillette Fusion Proglide. Today was the Proglide’s turn again.

Both razors continue to perform very well, producing an excellent smooth end-result. The Schick seems to “glide” somewhat better than the Gillette, due I believe, to a lubricating strip that actually lubricates! With the Schick I can actually feel a thin film of lubricant on my face after a pass….with the Gillette nada. I also suspect this is the reason the Schick shaves much better than the Gillette without any cream or soap. Where the Proglide tugs and skips, the Hydro 5 performs almost as well without any cream, as it does with.

The Gillette Proglide had to contend with three days of beard today. It tugged and pulled like crazy on the first pass, and I could only do short one inch strokes before having to rinse the blade. Nevertheless, after the first pass, the beard was almost completely gone, and by the second pass a third was just a token to good form…it was almost completely unnecessary.

One thing…I had written previously about enjoying the heating effect of the new Gillette thermal scrub, but today I threw it in the garbage. Although the product works well, the smell is frankly nauseating. This is a phenomenon I’ve noticed with all “modern” mass-market men’s concoctions….they have the most irritating, overpowering, artificial scents that have no relation to anything in nature. Their names say it all: Power, Ocean Mist, Libido, Axe, Fornication. I don’t now about you, but fornication never smelled that good to begin with.

These smells don’t actually smell like anything familiar….not of flowers, herbs, spices, etc. They’re supposed to smell like activities rather than things. But of course most activities actually smell of B.O., so what’s with that? Anyway, I can’t stand any of the new body washes, shave gels, creams, etc. While they smell good at first, after a while they become very irritation IMHO…..YMMV.