I had two service “pitches” to small groups of 2-3 people this week. We normally do these at the Forest & Stream Club, a private business club on the lake near my home, that offers excellent meeting facilities. Although I have an LCD projector, I hate lugging it around and setting it up, so the club provides theirs and a screen for $100 a day.

I had loaded and tested the Keynote app (Apple’s version of PowerPoint) into my iPad and found that the screen quality was outstanding; crystal clear, sharp, and most important when presenting to multiple people, visible from any angle (unlike my laptop screen). I decided at the last-minute to cancel the projector and screen and use the iPad instead. This being early days since its launch, using the iPad also has a certain “wow” factor, not to mention making an old fart like myself look cutting edge to my younger clients (just about everyone these days).

The presentations went very well and feedback from the customers was excellent vis-a-vis their ability to see and read the screen content. $200 saved…a tidy Return-on-Investment for the iPad…just a few more of these substitutions and it will have paid for itself.