I’m not sure how many places on earth experience as dramatic temperature shifts as we do here in Canada. I can only assume that many parts of Russia and China go through something similar. Historic Winter temperatures in the -40 degree range (at minus 40 Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same – did you know that?), are complemented by Summer temperatures around +35C and more. That means an annual range of 75 degrees from coldest to hottest. It’s no wonder we have to build our houses on wood frames….few materials could withstand such temperature fluctuations.

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that the two (or is it one, really) most common questions emanating from Canadian lips are: Is it hot enough for ‘ya”?, or “Is it cold enough for ‘ya?”.

These musings as we face yet another 32C day with humidity in the 75% range for a Humidex (perceived temperature) of around 40C. Municipal rescue vehicles were going around our neighborhood last night announcing that all pools would be open till 11PM during the heat wave.

Of course, this kind of heat is nothing for those in the Southern US. I was foolish enough two years ago to attend a conference in Phoenix, AZ, in mid-July. It was between 102-110F the whole week. Stepping outside the hotel to cross the street to the conference center was like entering a blast furnace. No one had the temerity to say, “Well, at least it’s a dry heat!”.