In Greece when you go to a cheese store you find hundreds of varieties of cheese…the only problem is that they’re all variants of 3 or 4 basic Greek cheeses and not the international gamut we’re used to here in North America. But that’s not unique to Greece. When I visited my daughter in Holland a few years ago while she was in grad school, we went to a number of cheese stores and found dozens of varieties….of Gouda…..only Gouda.

But I digress. Back to Greece. The Greeks worship their feta and put it on almost everything. Everyone has their favorite brand and they can discriminate other brands with an uncanny accuracy. I guess when that’s all you eat you get pretty good at telling them apart!

Greek feta is excellent and I almost always insist on it. Canadian, American, Bulgarian, and other feta imitators are usually dry, chalky, and overly salty. A few months ago while on a shopping trip to Costco, I bought some inexpensive Canadian-made feta which we were planning to cook with. Since everything at Costco is sold jumbo-sized, there was some cheese left over in our fridge and one day, lacking Greek feta, I added some of this to my salad. It was outstanding. Every bit as good as the brand of Greek feta I’d been buying…maybe even better.

The brand is Shepherd Gourmet Dairy’s Authentic Greek-style Feta Cheese made from 100% sheep milk. It’s smooth, creamy, tasty, and not too salty. It’s all we use these days and at a fraction of the cost of Greek feta.