Navigating through your Facebook account looking for a way to delete the complete thing can be quite frustrating. While “deactivating” the account is one of the options displayed, actually deleting everything in that file is another thing. If you simply deactivate, everything you recorded there in the past will always remain on file and accessible. And Facebook doesn’t make it easy for you to actually delete the account. But there is a way, and fortunately those who have found it have been eager to share.

I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with social networking and its promise of greater connectedness. What it really means is a lot of time wasted on a screen instead of really living face-to-face in the world (and I’m not even a heavy user). This virtual living is becoming increasingly distasteful to me…or maybe I’ve got just the right amount with email and my blog (for me, YMMV).

So, today I took the plunge. If you too are interested to cut one more cord in the virtual apron-strings, check it out here.

Note: Once you submit the request for deletion, you must not access, log in, or interact with Facebook in any way for 14 days. If you do, the deletion request will be canceled automatically.