When advice columnist Ann Landers wanted to stress that someone should immediately follow a particular dictum, she would use her trademark expression, Run, Don’t Walk….to the nearest psychiatrist, bookstore, travel agent, whatever.

I’ve been aware of Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch’s book, Intuitive Eating for some years now. There were quite a few reviews of the book and enough exposés of its principles that I never felt sufficiently compelled to actually buy a copy.  And perhaps because it was first written in 1995 (and later updated in 2003), I thought that much of its content had already been addressed by other authors, e.g. Will Clower (The French Don’t Diet Plan). Big Mistake.

Apple has been dragging its feet in allowing Canadians to download books off its iBook site. The result has been a move to downloading books for the iPad from Amazon’s Kindle Store. And, low and behold, one of the available books is Intuitive Eating. I downloaded it yesterday and have been absolutely fascinated by it. This is a terrific book, written by highly qualified and experienced clinicians who have been helping people regain their eating sanity for more than 20 years. Every page had me nodding in recognition of the truths therein.

A great book and terrific approach…..Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore or computer, and get this!