I mis-dialed a phone number today and when the voice-mail came on realized that it wasn’t the person I wanted to reach. I hung up, rechecked the number and finally reached the right person. Simple.

Two minutes later, my phone rang. The lady at the other hand queried, “Did you just call me?”. “Oh”, I said, “I dialed the wrong number…sorry”. This has happened often enough now for me to notice. People are so insecure about missing a phone call that they’ll even chase down wrong-number phone calls. I wonder what the etiquette protocol is for this? I mean it’s one thing to apologize for actually reaching a wrong number. But to be chased down in order to have to apologize????

Anyway, I’ve always gone by the old adage: “If it’s important they’ll call back, and if it’s not important I didn’t want to have the conversation anyway”.