Mr. Italo, having just returned from his vacation in Spain (as well as Italy and France, lucky devil), has been raving ecstatic about a dish he ate in Barcelona….Padron Peppers. It seems to be the epitome of simplicity, consisting of nothing more than the peppers fried in olive oil with a little salt. Check out the “recipe” here.

Problem is, these little devils are almost impossible to procure, especially here in Canada. There is apparently a U.S. vendor but they aren’t allowed to ship to the Great North (Agriculture Canada strictly controls plant shipments). I did find a small B.C. family farm, Klipper’s Organics, that grows the pepper locally, and have emailed to see if they would ship to Montreal.

I’m eager to try this dish. If Mr. Italo with his distinguished palate raves about it, it must be something very special.