This is my first post from my new state-of-the-art iMac 27″, Quad-core, i7, blah-blah, etc. computer.

Let me say this: Mac users will tell you that the transition from a Windows based computer is “Soooo easy”. Bullshit! I spent at least 5 hours yesterday with AppleCare tech support (for which I had to pay $199) on a variety of issues, the most ironic being that my iPhone and iPad which integrate seamlessly with my old PC, don’t work with my Mac!

Now if you’re a gamer, photographer, or graphic artist, the “look” will certainly dazzle you. But if you’re a business user, there is little improvement in functionality and a lot of downsides, e.g. there is no Outlook in Office for Mac 2008, and while this is promised for 2011, it’s a huge pain-in-the-patou if you happen to be like the other 90% 0f business users who rely on Outlook to manage their daily information-flow and time management.

And while the screen is humongous, the fonts in all the programs are these teeny-weeny things designed for the eyes of 20-somethings.

I’m sure I’m eventually going to love it – as I do my iPhone and iPad – but right now, I’m not impressed. Business users beware….don’t take computer advice from non business users.


While Safari is a piece of crap, Mozilla Firefox for Mac is GORGEOUS! My favorite web pages, including this blog, look spectacular. And I get to retain all the functionality and speed that I’m used to with Firefox from Windows. I can’t stand that Apple scrolling marquee system for seeing your tabs. Don’t like it at the iTunes Store, don’t like in in my iPad and iPhone either. Old dogs and all that I guess!