Last week-end we had some friends over whom we hadn’t seen in about a year. We laughed at our shared stories of trying to get kids out of the house and independent. Louise told a hilarious story about her 35 year old son who’s been living on his own for several years and has a couple of kids. He called a few days earlier to say, “Hi Mom, I’m really in the mood for some surf-and-turf”. “Great”, said Louise, anticipating an invitation. “Wonderful”, said her son….”I’ll bring the wine”!

Then she saw the various memorial photos we have on our mantelpiece from friends and relatives who’ve died this year. At latest count we’re up to 5, all around age 50, and most well below that number. Louise looked at me and said, “You know, we were always told to live one day at a time. But that’s not good enough anymore. After all I’ve been through and all the losses, I now try to live just one hour at a time”.