The Padron peppers arrived via post from Klippers Organic Farm. Very nice service; FedEx refused to do a pick up in a rural area, so the owner of Klippers had them rushed by parcel post. They arrived in excellent, crisp condition within two days. Bravo Canada Post…Boo, Fed Ex.

I followed the simplest recipe for their preparation; just saute them over medium heat in a couple tablespoons of great olive oil, until they blister. Serve with lots of salt. Mr. Italo dropped by to pick up his half of the order and stayed for some freshly prepared Padrons, some Manchego cheese, French baguette, and a glass of ouzo. Very nice combination.

While my wife and Mr. Italo both claimed to have hit a couple of hot ones, I only got one that was slightly hot. Very pleasant though.

I’m already thinking of potential enhancements, the most obvious one is adding some fresh garlic to the pan just before the finish, so it doesn’t burn. These make a wonderful appetizer, tapas style, with some wine or even a Martini. Serve with a good strong Spanish cheese, some spicy chorizo sausage….Mmmmmmm.

This may become a regular habit, although the $40 shipping costs turn 4 lbs. into an $80 order…not for everyday consumption. I’m thinking of asking one of my organic hippie farmers if he’ll plant me a patch on his spare land. Keep you posted.