In transitioning from the PC to the iMac, I’ve had to re-download some of my purchased and downloaded software. Interesting lesson learned: Never download software without also getting a hard-copy sent to you.

The problem: Software companies only allow you to re-download the software you previously bought for a relatively short period of 2-3 versions, before cutting you off and forcing you to buy the latest version. Case in point: I use Maximizer, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for tracking clients and invoices. I have version 7 which is about 4 years old. It works great and I only use it for its most basic functions, ergo, I have no need for the latest and greatest gee-whiz version #11. No way, baby. As the Customer Service person told me, they wouldn’t even know where to find a copy of my version any more (as Mr. Italo would say, Yeah Right!).

Anyway, everything I buy from here on in I get in the downloadable and hard-copy versions, perfectly happy to pay the shipping costs for the disk (most companies now offer both versions for the same price but you pay the freight…not a bad deal in my book).