Four days no blog…that’s a record since I started this literary adventure. Apart from a day spent going to and from Toronto by train for a two-hour meeting yesterday (up at 5 AM, back home at 10 PM), my days have been spent shoveling myself out of the Purgatory known as the iMac. One fiasco after another. Wrong software, and no telephone help available from vendors who produce the stuff and then leave you high and dry with only the complementary on-line FAQ’s to guide yourself in solving their products’ quirks. And worse, those that do have phone support want to whack you an extra $50 per half-hour to help you make their stuff work…even if you just bought it yesterday! I’d forgotten just how efficient technology companies have become at sticking their hands in our pockets.

Today I managed to install my MS Outlook in the Parallels virtual computer that you have to create in order to run Microsoft programs on Apple computers. This is the seminal program for me, since it basically manages my life and business. Perhaps it’s early, but I feel my head surfacing back on earth through the cold, dark hole I’d dug myself into with this abomination. FINAL JUDGMENT: If you’re a business user with lots of Microsoft programs and years of legacy files that have to accompany you…..DON’T DO IT! Do not let anyone convince you that a Mac is a business computer. Stick to Windows and make your life much easier.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll eventually love it…the human mind has the amazing capacity to forget painful events (otherwise women would never have a second child and we’d all be as extinct as the Shakers).