Costco has a reputation as a pretty good place to work…..good pay, nice working conditions, excellent benefits. So why would a young guy work so hard to get himself fired?

Our local Costco warehouse was an absolute zoo at 10:15 this morning. Not a parking space to be had in the massive lot. And the place had just opened fifteen minutes earlier. At the checkout counter, I joked with the cashier that nobody seemed to work anymore, they were all at Costco! So the burly young packer turns to me and says, “Well, the French Quebecers are almost all on welfare, so they have lots of time on their hands”. I was speechless. I hadn’t heard that kind of stupid bigotry since the ’60’s. And he said this in a loud voice in a crowded store. Now remember, about 70% of the population here in Quebec is of French origin!

Man, some guys are so dumb. And even when he gets fired, he’ll never know why.