“Whatever doesn’t kill me outright, makes me stronger” said Nietzsche. I’m not sure he’d have said that if he’d just transitioned from a PC to a Mac. It did almost kill me and I don’t feel any stronger. And I mean this literally. I don’t think I’ve slept more that 5 hours on any night over the last two weeks. And what sleep I did get was agitated by angry thoughts and dreams about the pricks who design and support (NOT!) software.

Finally, everything now runs “tickety boo” as Canadians like to say. And while I still feel weak, like someone recovering from Y. Pestis (The Plague), it must have somehow strengthened me as I have volunteered to help Mr. Italo with my new-found network skills (he’s having some “issues” with his several Macs detecting [or not detecting] his new printer). I won’t make any sarcastic comments as I would prefer to survive tonight’s accompanying dinner at his home.