You’ve doubtless noticed that my shaving posts have dwindled to only occasional entries (Whew, thank God some of you will doubtless say). This is largely due to the fact that last year I moved into a very Zen-like shaving state; minimal equipment and variety, with lightning speed and a consistently excellent output the end result. Oh, there have been experimental forays like my two-month journey into high-end cartridge-land. There the process was even faster and easier, with another consistently excellent result.

But I’ve been reading Leisureguy’s daily shaving entries, complete with photos, and I must admit to a nostalgia for the days when shaving was a ritual looked forward to, with bedtime thoughts preoccupied with which combination I might attempt next morning. The results were necessarily variable as is wont when one uses different equipment and substrates daily. But it WAS damned fun!

So today I started again. I think I’ll follow Leisureguy’s lead and start posting some photos of the daily (or in my current state, 3-4 times per week) shaving accoutrement.